The Camberyard Collective

Welcome to The Camberyard Collective – a select group of like-minded designers, brands and creative professionals who come together to collaborate, share ideas, barter services and support each other. The Collective offers these professionals a unique and supportive environment in which to operate, providing market exposure through bespoke industry introductions.

The Camberyard Collective

Centred on the belief that collaboration is more powerful than competition, this select group works and comes together in a variety ways:

  • Networking events with Camberyard Collective members
  • Workshops and Roundtables discussing a range for essential business skills for designers such as presentation skills and fee negotiations and proposals
  • CDM regulations 2015
  • Brand partnerships
  • Trade and retails shows

We offer a number of services

  • PR, Marketing & Events
  • Client matching with interior designers
  • Recruitment for PAs / admin / assistants / office managers / bookkeepers
  • Making introductions within the industry

We listen. We advise.
We create. We deliver.

We are always looking for new members, so if you’re interested in joining the Camberyard Collective, call us for a chat on:

+44 (0)78 8974 8908