As the Designers’ Advisor, Polly Williams guarantees that clients will come away from her consultancy sessions inspired, with new ideas and clear plans for how to launch, grow, shake-up and/or streamline their businesses.

But don’t just take her word for it! In this section, you will find testimonials from her clients, all of whom are part of the Camberyard Collective. Polly’s wide client list includes established designers and those just starting out; industry professionals such as photographers and CAD technicians; as well as both recognised and emerging brands. With an international client-base – from countries such as Germany, Portugal and South Africa – she carries out her sessions in person in London or virtually.

Take a minute to see just how - through her customised packages – Polly has transformed their businesses.

What our clients have to say...

The Business Needs Plan

Talking it over

The Business Development Plan

Your business development plan and follow-up phone consultation

The Marketing Action Plan

Your marketing plan and follow-up phone consultation

The Company Launch Plan

Building the foundations of your interior design business

The career change plan

How to become a successful interior designer

The career action plan

Are you a design student or graduate trying to plan your next steps?

The Mentoring Plan

Networking and making connections. Taking your business to the next level



Polly has been extremely helpful in taking my business to the next level. I came to her for a 'Business Development Plan Package', with a view to widening my net of prospective clients and developing an effective marketing strategy, including social media. Polly’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable. Her input was so important in all aspects of the business, including finding a new assistant. I believe Polly’s ‘tailored’ approach is particularly appropriate for niche businesses like ours, and her ability to provide bespoke expertise where necessary is very effective .

PD, House & Garden 100 Leading Interior Designers Completed Business Development Plan


I approached Polly Williams to discuss my ideas for starting up a new interior business, She has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in this area and the information I received from her was invaluable, She helped me focus on the key aspects of the business and was positive and encouraging throughout the sessions. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone thinking of setting up any type of business relating to interiors.

CF, soft furnishing designer, Completed business development plan.



When we signed up to Camberyard’s Marketing Action Plan, Polly took great trouble getting to grips with how our 10-year-old art-dealing business works. Having listened to us she then came up with clear suggestions of what she saw as our strengths and how to build on them. Her appraisal and ideas of how to develop were utterly realistic and very perceptive. She has helped us shift our emphasis in a small but essential way and her guidance towards getting more editorial coverage in the interior design press has been invaluable. The Marketing Action Plan provides real value for money and, on top of everything, Polly is delightful to work with.

RW, Galllery Owner, Completed marketing action plan.


I spent quite a few months looking for a PR to help structure the company’s branding and to help us progress with a clear marketing strategy. From day one I knew that Polly was the perfect fit for us. Polly’s mentoring service goes beyond PR and marketing (although her experience and contacts on that front are invaluable) and she will help with any aspect of the business that you may need guidance on or structure around. Polly’s flexible approach is brilliant for fast growing companies who want to cherry pick the aspects of PR that are most appropriate for them at their stage of growth. Polly takes time to review where the business is currently and where it’s going before bringing in bespoke expertise where it’s needed. A much more tailored approach than a ‘blanket’ campaign that many PR agencies offer. Inspiring, encouraging and approachable, with effective strategy and brilliant, fast results that you can see immediately.

EH, Interior Designer, Completed marketing action plan. Now signed up to monthly mentoring package.



Having worked with Polly to develop my business strategy, I found her independent coaching and advice invaluable. Polly helped me focus on the key factors that will make my business a success, alongside practical tips to make it happen. Down to earth and approachable, I always enjoy my sessions with Polly and come away with great ideas.

LB, Interior Designer Completed Company Launch Package now singed up to monthly mentoring package


After graduating from KLC School of Design, I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn't know what to do next. I was put in touch with Polly, and I haven't looked back. She has helped me with all aspects of creating a business commercially, and taught me so much about what is possible and how to do it. Polly is not only very good at what she does, but has also become a great support when I have doubted myself, or when life has stood in the way of my ambitions. I can't recommend Polly highly enough.

JM, Interior Designer Completed Company Launch Package now singed up to monthly mentoring package


From our first conversation with Polly, we knew that she fully understood our requirements for launching our business. Her knowledge and skills helped us to focus on where we needed to be; she gave us structure, guidance and confidence in knowing how to attract new clients. Polly has been paramount to our business in taking it forward - so much so we signed up for her Three Month Mentoring Plan. It has been hugely helpful knowing we have Polly's support; she's always gone that extra mile for us. We look forward to working with Polly more in the future and cannot thank her enough.

J & A, Interior Designers Completed Company Launch Package now signed up to monthly mentoring package


After completing the company launch package with Polly, I can confidently say I feel more positive and prepared for the future. Polly not only encouraged me, but structured my business to enable me to effectively execute my business plans. From social media to daily time schedules, working with Polly has been invaluable. I will be sure to continue my catch-ups with her and Camberyard.

MI, Interior Designer in Care Home Sector Completed Company Launch package


From our initial meeting, I was excited to find someone who believed in my ideas and was excited to be part of the journey. Polly’s expertise helped me to clearly define my core company drive and message. There is something empowering about someone who believes in you and what you are trying to achieve. Polly has been there every step of the way, guiding and supporting me, whilst continuously helping me to re-evaluate my company, ensuring we stay true toour core principles and that I keep my feet firmly on the ground. I feel organised, focused, empowered and driven. My idea is no longer just an idea; it is a well-structured, carefully planned service,which has been positioned thoughtfully and very well received. Without Polly’s guidance, my business would have stayed an idea, or I would have taken much longer to get to where I am today.

DT, CAD consultant Completed Company Launch Package , now signed up to monthly mentoring package


I met with Polly to help launch my company and streamline our website and branding. Polly delivers exactly what she promises and more. Her mentoring and flexible approach is invaluable; her enthusiasm is infectious. Polly was proactive in guiding me in the right direction with her wealth of knowledge about the interior design industry, alongside her unique marketing and branding ideas. Polly worked with me on my website concept and liaised with the graphic designers until my website was perfect. I am so grateful to have found her and will be engaging her services again in the future.

RD, Interior Designer Completed company launch package


When I started my own company, I was unsure how to attract new clients and find the right type of clients for my interior design business. I began working with Polly, who advised me to do the Company Launch Package and it's helped me tremendously. I feel more confident in finding new clients and focusing on what is most beneficial for my business and moving it forward. I cannot thank Polly enough for the help and confidence she has given me. I have also signed up for the three month mentoring package, as I really value Polly's help and opinions with taking my business in the direction I want it to go.

KW, Interior Designer Completed company launch package, now signed up to monthly mentoring package


How lucky we were to discover Camberyard by chance! From our first chat with Polly, we knew she was the right person to help us launch our new bespoke furniture business. Her advice has been invaluable in all areas, from our marketing strategy to streamlining our business model and even our website design. Polly is very approachable, flexible and creative and is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has many important contacts in the industry and has even introduced us to potential clients. Without Polly's guidance, we would not be where we are today and we look forward to working together again in the future.

OPL, Bespoke Portuguese furniture brand launching in the UK Completed company launch package, now signed up to a monthly mentoring package


When preparing to launch a new venture outside of my mature photography business, I approached a long-standing, well-respected client of mine for advice on where to source a mentor specialising in the world of design. “You need Polly” was their immediate response. Right from our initial phone call, I felt comfortable that Polly would be able to satisfy my marketing needs. Her skill was to prompt me to recall what I already knew, but to focus the priorities in a logical fashion so that real progress could be made. If we were all as brilliant at marketing as we are at producing our art, then there would be no need for Polly’s input, but regrettably that’s not usually the case. I think of Polly as a collaborator, a knowledgeable resource, someone who knows people who know people - the right people - working with her network of contacts and associates for our common good. Working in isolation in a small business, one’s judgement can often be distracted, that’s when Polly and her ever-so-gentle coaxing, jostling and coercion is so valuable.

BR, Photographer & Photographic Artist Completed company launch plan. Now signed up to monthly mentoring package.


Polly Williams is an absolute gem! On the recommendation of a colleague, I contacted Polly to help me with PR, and I haven’t looked back. She’s been brilliant, always full of enthusiasm and encouragement, which is incredibly infectious, you can’t help but feel excited and eager to develop your business. Polly tailors her approach to each client, giving you confidence that she really understands your business, and what you want to achieve. Her approach is brilliantly pragmatic and practical, looking holistically at every aspect of what you do, which worked incredibly well for me. Polly is always brimming with terrific ideas, she’s absolutely fabulous to work with, constantly coming up with a new angle, or a different approach, opening up lots of opportunities for growth along the way. I’m so pleased I enlisted Polly, she’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, I can’t imagine my business without her now!

CM, Landscape Designer, Completed package. Now signed up to monthly mentoring package.


My experience and journey with Polly at Camberyard has been an absolute pleasure. In a short space of time she has guided me to launch my interior business and achieve my goals through her expert knowledge, extensive resources and truly genuine personality. I would thoroughly recommend her expert services to launch an interior design business.

MB, Interior Designer, Completed package. Now signed up to monthly mentoring package.



I found Polly quite by chance, when I was researching ways to enter the interior design industry - and from a small seed, big plans have grown. With my passion for interiors taking over my thoughts, Polly gave me the push I needed to embark on a new career. Her mentoring has been invaluable in this crucial stage of my development. Polly's attention to detail, and her deep understanding of the industry, enabled her to set goals that are tailored to me, giving me the confidence to achieve my ambitions. Whenever I leave a session with Polly, I feel engaged and inspired; her enthusiasm is infectious. I would highly recommend Polly’s bespoke services to anyone in the industry. Becoming part of the Camberyard community, with all its combined knowledge and expertise, is an added bonus.

VW, Investment Banker and now a KLC Open Learning Student Completed Career change plan, now signed up to monthly mentoring package


I contacted Polly to discuss my transition from being a structural engineer/designer to an interior and furniture designer. From the first instance, Polly was focused on my personal goals and fully understood my previous situation, tailoring a smart plan for me to achieve a successful transition. Polly not only defined the areas I need to strengthen and planned out review points, she also introduced me to very experienced and supportive professionals in the industry. Polly goes the extra mile by helpfully updating you on news that is relevant to your interest and is always available to help. Her invaluable experience, support and professionalism makes her the ideal advisor for anyone seeking a bespoke service to help you at any point during your career in the interior design industry.

FB, now a KLC Student Completed career change plan, now signed up to monthly mentoring package

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